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Main advantages of Distant Definition Uniqueness of Distant Definition Basic idea Technology Search Stage

It is carried out in Germany

• ordering space photos of the prospected area in different frequency ranges
• transfer of samples of particular radiation of minerals onto test wafers
• radiation and chemical processing of the space imagery
• visualization of the deposit contour on the photographs by using the Kirlian camera
• transfer of the deposit contour from the photographs onto the map
• preparation of report on the 1st stage of works

Outcome – delineation of mineral deposits, estimation of depths of bedding

Spaces Photos Of Locality
(3-4 copies of infra-red photos)


Geographical card of locality with
the area of inspection
(point 1-4, appears by Customer)


Results of the remote search:

1. On the map

Depth Finding
h1 = r1 • tg(a), h2 = r2 • tg(b)
Work Fragments
IMG_0204Зимняя река. Фото зимы 002. 1774х2362пикс. 200 dpi. Лучшие фото зимы в высоком разрешении. Скачать фото зимы.
Work Fragments On Territory
1 0011 002

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