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On the basis of the nuclear-magnetic resonance technology our company offers following services:

QUICK territory diagnostics is a determination of the fact of presence or absence of mineral deposits in an investigated territory. It is executed with the help of method of radiation technical treatment of analogue space photographs. Duration of work is one month. As a result of execution of this stage the Customer will receive a decision on presence or absence of mineral deposits in the chosen territory, without ground contours of deposits and other deposit characteristics.

Application range:

- Estimation of land plots at a tender for the purpose of choice of the most prospective plot
- Estimation of land plots in the course of their purchase and obtainment of rights for them
- Definition of prospective territories for business development

SEARCH OF DEPOSITS and their approximate estimation is detection of mineral deposits in surveyed territory, definition of their ground contours and occurrence depths. Duration of work is about two months, reliability of results is > 90 %. As a result of execution of this stage the Customer will receives a report with ground contours of all detected mineral deposits which one have been pointed in search requirements, number of horizons and the approximate depth of their occurrence.

Application range:

- Search of mineral deposits in large territories
- Definition of the most prospective territories for deposit prospecting

DEPOSIT PROSPECTING is definition of exact characteristics of deposit (error of ground-level contours of deposit is ±10 m, error of occurrence depth is less than 5 %). Obtainment of 3D shape of a real deposit and calculation of preliminary volume of extractable oil, gas, water. Choice of optimum points for productive drilling. Duration of work is about two months, productivity is not less than 98 %.

Application range:

- Prospecting of the deposits detected at previous stage
- Conduction of complementary prospecting of deposits in operation
- Conduction of deposit prospecting with the purpose of data verification received by other methods of geological prospecting

CREATION OF THE MAP of mineral deposits of a territory or region. Cost and duration of work depends on the size of territory and quantity of the investigated minerals.


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