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1. Qualitative Characteristics
No Parameters 3D Seismography
1 Topographical binding + (anomalies)
2 Construction of 3D models of objects + (anomalies)
3 4D-seismics (monitoring in time) +
4 Search of unstructured traps of oil and gas -
5 Detection of mineral deposits at regional stages of works -
6 Detection of gas "caps" in oil horizons -
7 Definition of gas pressure in gas "caps" -
8 Definition of oil temperature in a deposit -
9 Definition of presence of oil mobility -
10 Detection of water horizons over oil and gas deposits
and water influx of oil- and gas-bearing deposits
11 Work possibility in any climate and geological conditions of an area -
2. Quantitative Characteristics
No Parameters 3D Seismography
1 Accuracy of land contours Contours of anomaly
2 Accuracy of definition of horizons occurrence Depths of bedding of anomalies
3 Productivity of executed works 50 %
4 Duration of works (on a territory of 1 thousand sq. km and more) 2 years and more
5 Specific cost of works $ 10 000 /sq. km and more
6 Average number of drillings of exploratory wells before discovery of a deposit 6*
7 Expenditures saving on drilling if a deposit is discovered -
8 Expenditures saving during prospecting of a deposit's reserves -
*According to data of Russian State Institute of Oil and Gas

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